Fully automatic curling rod motor solution

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The so-called "automatic" automatic curling rod is driven by a micro DC motor to curl hair, which is composed of a handle, a heating drum, and a micro DC motor. Consumers generally look at four indicators when purchasing automatic curling sticks: 1. Is there a negative ion function; 2. Is there a constant temperature function; 3. Is the heating rod wrapped in the shell and equipped with anti scalding function; 4. Is there a pause function for the automatic motor to entangle the hair? This is also an important indicator related to hair safety. I have seen a blogger share a experience of stepping on lightning, and my hair is completely entangled in the curler and cannot be taken out.
The dcmicro motor used in the automatic curler is a reduction motor, which mainly consists of a micro motor and a reduction box. The reduction motors used by different curler brands in the market are also different, such as output torque, power, rated voltage, reduction ratio, output torque, etc. Regardless of the model and parameter of the micro motor, the ultimate goal is to achieve automatic curling function as the primary goal. Wanzhida Motor  has developed an OT-20GP reduction motor specifically for curl bar manufacturers to meet the consumer's selection criteria for curl bars. This automatic curling rod motor can cooperate to achieve automatic curling and automatic stop of hair jamming, and supports forward and reverse rotation, low voltage, meeting the requirements of wireless and mobile product design while meeting torque requirements.
Fully automatic curling rod motor solution-Wanzhida Motor
Wanzhida Motor not only provides technology, but also provides comprehensive product related services to customers, such as adjusting the motor output mode and style, interface and plug according to customer needs, even if the number of components involved is small. In addition, most accessories can be combined arbitrarily, which is important for beauty product manufacturers.

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