Wanzhida launched three high-performance hair dryer motors, covering different market demands

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Most of the old hair dryers use AC series motor. The series motor is cheap and has been used for a long time. However, the disadvantages of high noise, short life, large volume and heavy weight make it difficult to design hair dryers with series motor with beautiful shape. Therefore, the series motor can no longer meet the needs of the current market. Based on the new market trend, Wanzhida Motor has designed three light and small special motors for hair dryers to meet the different needs of the market.
Wanzhida launched three high-performance hair dryer motors, covering different market demands
Style 1: Side air inlet brushless motor
This blower motor is an integrated design scheme of motor and fan blade. It is specially tailored for the side inlet blower, which reduces the size and weight of the motor. The roller fan blade can ensure that the motor has a uniform and fast air output. The brushless motor can achieve the accurate control of multiple speeds of the air duct and the demand for application integration. High balance accuracy, low vibration when the motor is working, and more comfortable hand feeling when the user holds the hair dryer.

Style 2: rear air inlet brushless motor
This motor adopts the integrated design of fan blade, drive and motor, which is easier to install, highly integrated, more space saving, light weight, large air volume, high efficiency, and high dynamic balance impeller, which is more quiet.

Style 3: Ultra high speed brushless motor
This motor is designed by a famous hair dryer brand, providing the best speed and air volume for dry hair. It has high speed, compact structure, small volume, light weight, large air volume, and can be customized widely. With a wider voltage range, 12v-48v DC and 100v-230v AC can be perfectly applied, and 110000 ultra-high speed can produce surging power.

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