Wanzhida Motor invests heavily in the research and development of mobile phone scroll screen telescopic motor

2022-09-19 14:30:26 ...
Some time ago, OPPO launched a new mobile phone - OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept machine at the Future Science and Technology Conference. Different from the way of folding the screen to expand the screen, this scroll screen, as its name implies, is stretched like a picture scroll, and can be "silky smooth" without creases. When the key area on the right side of the phone slides upward, the phone screen will expand slowly; When sliding down, the phone screen will slowly fold up.
So where does the screen go when the phone hides it? In fact, there are two groups of motors built into the side frame of the phone, which determine whether the screen is folded or unfolded. There is a special space under the back cover of the phone to store the screen. After the scroll is folded, part of the screen is stored here and placed flat on the back of the phone. The whole process is driven by the internal motor of the mobile phone, which does not require the user to manually unfold and stow it.
This is mainly due to the "Roll Motor" power scheme independently designed by OPPO: two drive motors are built into the machine body, around a pulley bearing, so that the scroll screen can continuously and evenly bear the force, and ensure the service life of the screen in case of multiple expansion and contraction. Due to the motor drive, according to the current technology, the motor is at least more durable than the folding screen, and it also avoids creases compared with the folding screen. Therefore, we can boldly predict that the future form of mobile phones will surely have a place for scrolling screens.
Wanzhida Motor, as a global DC micro motor expert, has recently invested heavily in the research and development of the reel screen drive motor. In combination with its own 20 years of experience in the research and development and manufacturing of DC micro motors, the relevant products have taken shape in a short time. It is believed that the mobile phone telescopic reel motor will make a great breakthrough soon and be closer to mass production. In addition, Wanzhida Motor hopes to work with more mobile phone manufacturers to develop solutions for the scroll screen power system. You are welcome to call us to inquire about model selection.

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