QUALITY Strength

Micro drives are widely used in all walks of life

Wanzhida provides reliable power for various electric products, and provides high-quality products and quality services to customers around the world

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complete set of motor solutions

01Professional Programs

A team of professional engineers, always guided by market and customer needs, provide cost-effective power solutions according to customer requirements.

02Standard Selection

Wanzhida has about 130,000 sets of motor molds and a complete range of micro-motor products. We quickly select and match to choose the best drive solution for you.

03Exclusive Design

When the standard products cannot meet the demand, we can modify the original product for you at any time, or develop a brand-new product to meet specific needs according to the circumstances.

04Motor Prototype

Besides prototype production and rapid realization of product design, Wanzhida is able to solve any complex micro-power challenges more accurately and cost-effectively.

05Automated Production

More than 80 micromotor production lines to provide you with high-quality, efficient and stable mass production, standard 5 days delivery, ordered products within 30 days delivery.

06Continuation Service

Strict project management experience; small orders to large orders; accompanied throughout the process. Professional after-sales service team, 24 hours online and timely response to demands.

Technical strength——
global product development network

Three Major Scientific Research Centers in the World

We have a complete global product development network, with independent scientific research centers in South Colorado, USA, Shanghai and Xi'an, China, to provide flexible solutions for various application areas.

R&D Investment Up to 10%

Continuously developing products and improving manufacturing processes, Wanda Group invests as much as 10% of the company's turnover in research and development every year.

Convenient Product Design Service

We also have subsidiaries and offices in Anhui, Shanghai, Hong Kong and overseas, all of which can provide independent product design and services.

Production, Study and Research Integration

We work closely with well-known domestic universities and specially invited Mr. Ye Jinhu, former deputy chief engineer of the National 21 Research Institute and senior expert on brushless motors, to train and instruct Wanzhida's engineers. This continues to improve their technical level.

Intellectual Property

We are always committed to technology improvement and independent research and development. In recent years, we have successfully applied for 2 5 million industry-university-research projects of Guangdong Science and Technology Department, and several industry-university-research projects of Shenzhen Science and Technology Bureau, and have obtained/applied for more than 20 patents, including 8 invention patent applications.

120 Professional Designer Team

The seven divisions of Wanzhida geared motors, coreless motors, brushless motors, stepper motors, brushed motors, fan motors, and photoelectric motors are equipped with independent design centers. A professional design team of 120 people can quickly provide customers with exclusive design services.

Many combination schemes can be formed between the produced motor products and spur gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, encoders, brakes, and controllers.

You can provide your product requirements to our sales and marketing staff, and we will select or design a suitable combination plan for you.

Meet Customer Needs

According to the needs of different customers, Wanzhida Motor adopts serialized products by changing the output part structure, internal process parameters, electrical connection and other factors (for example: special-shaped shaft, high-speed bearing, flange threaded connection, special cable, etc.). This can bring you great convenience, and deliver the products you need in time more reliably and efficiently.

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