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20 series 1.8° two-phase closed loop stepping motor

Application : Automation,Medical,Robot,Industrial
Model : OT-20HSE
Voltage (V) :
Speed (rpm) :
Electric :
Rated torque :

We can easily change the shaft,flange structure and connectors to meet different applocation needs.If you are further adjusting the output components,bearings,and windings,you can contact our sales engineers and we will provide you with a customized solution.
20MM stepping motor_closed loop stepping motor-wanzhida motor
20MM stepping motor_closed loop stepping motor-wanzhida motor

Product application


Motors are widely used in automation control systems, as micro motors can provide precise speed and torque control, enabling automation control systems to perform various tasks such as transportation, assembly, and packaging.


Motor drives are used in numerous medical applications. The motor operates reliably and has the best quality in high-precision equipment such as active implants, insulin pumps, surgical robots, electric tools, ventilators, ventilators, and prostheses.


DC motors are the core hardware of robots, and they are needed to drive areas of activity, such as wheel movement, arm movement, head movement, finger movement, etc.


DC motors are often used in situations with high requirements for starting and speed regulation, such as laser equipment, paper and printing machinery, textile machinery, precision machine tools, and other industrial machinery.

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